Feb 06, 2023 


How our youth can support the truth scanning process

How our youth can support the truth scanning process-image

We understand that it can be difficult for our youth to engage with our residential school history, the harrowing stories of our elders and the ongoing trauma which is so evident in our community.  

But we are committed to ensuring there is a place for them in this process. 

How can our youth get involved? 

  1. Volunteer  

We have roles for everyone at our information gathering events and we will need help when we begin the truth scanning process. Reach out to us to find out how you can volunteer your time. 

  1. Be present 

Don’t have time to volunteer? That’s OK. But we would still love to have you come out to our events and show your support to our elders and survivors. Your presence is so important to them. 

  1. Listen  

The stories of our survivors are powerful and transformative. Hear them and re-tell them. Only by keeping these stories alive can we ensure the horrors of the residential school system never happen again. 

  1. Check-in on your loved ones 

Not everybody in our community is able to share how they’re feeling and tell their stories at our events. But that doesn’t mean they want to be silent either. Sometimes just by asking a parent, grand-parent or neighbor how they’re feeling can mean the world.  

  1. Share your perspective 

Intergenerational trauma is real and present in our community and we encourage our youth to share the ways the residential school system has impacted their lives, their family and their experience of community. Your stories matter too.